• Basics of Filmmaking
    From the director of advertisements by Sony, Intel and Adidas
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The Teacher
Daniel Ackerman

Daniel Ackerman began his professional career in filmmaking in 1984, graduating from the California Institute of the Arts School, specializing in Cinema and Video, working on various animation and video projects in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Portland as a technical director, visual effects coordinator, cameraman, and many other key positions, this experience formed his directorial skills. In 1990, he opened his visual effects studio in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to work in the studio, he is keen on teaching the art of cinema. Courses under his direction are held at the Portland Art Institute and the Northwest Film Center. Daniel continues to work as Director of Photography on commercials and films for clients, including Sony, Intel, Adidas, Bent Image Lab and many others.

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‘Basics of Filmmaking’
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