• ‘Portfolio School Online LITE’
    from getting acquainted with a fragment of the urban environment you will come to your project
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  • ‘Portfolio School Online LITE’
    from getting acquainted with a fragment of the urban environment you will come to your project
    any time
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  • ‘Portfolio School Online LITE’
    Other creative works will be included in the portfolio, making up a fascinating story about your creative personality along with the project.
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About Moscow Architectural School MARCH

The architectural school MARCH is a unique educational centre specializing in international education in the field of architecture and urbanistics. MARCH is developing in partnership with the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design of London Metropolitan University (LMU), one of the best architectural schools in the UK. MARCH students can get a British MA or BA diploma in Architecture and Urbanism, while studying in Moscow.

What makes the course unique?

Our course invites you to try to see, think and act as an architect. From being acquainted with a fragment of the urban environment, through to its analysis and interpretation, come to you project for your chosen place. Other creative works will be included in the portfolio, forming a project that tells a fascinating story about your creative personality.

What you get from the course

Training for MARCH teachers

The students of the course are teachers of the bachelor's and master's degrees of MARCH. The course allows in practice to be acquainted with the school, the peculiarities of the educational methodology and the programs of MARCH, to feel like a student.

The curator, Maria Pokrovskaya, will be accompanying the teachers.

Distance learning

Thanks to the remote form of education, students can take a course without leaving their city, choose their own schedule of study, use the course materials at any time. At the same time, the content and quality of the course, the composition of teachers, the possibility of constant communication with them and with other listeners are the same as for full-time education.

Acquaintance with the profession of architect

In the course of the course you will see interviews and reports about meetings with practicing architects, online excursions to architectural bureaus. We will analyze and discuss buildings, books and films about architecture.

Consultations on preparing a portfolio and interviewing

In addition to collecting material for the portfolio, we will discuss the layout and production of the brochure with our own hands. The experience gained on the course can be useful in the future when looking for work or for continuing studies.

Course Objectives

The goal of the course is intensive preparation of the applicants to view the portfolio and interview for admission to the bachelor's office of MARCH. In addition to training visual skills, students analyze architecture and the urban environment, learn written and oral presentations of their projects. An important element of the training is acquaintance with the profession of the architect, virtual tours to architectural bureaus, discussion of buildings, books and films about architecture.

Conditions of admission

For admission to the course Portfolio School Online LITE requires the presence of basic artistic skills and creative work. Applicants who successfully mastered the course "Portfolio School Online LITE" take priority on admission to a bachelor's or master's degree in MARCH. Listeners receive official certificates of the course.

Required documents:

— Application form
— Passport (scanned)

Maria Pokrovskaya | Course Curator
Graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARhI),
Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art I. Bakshtein.
The teacher of the bachelor's degree in the Moscow Architectural School (MARCH)
And the British Higher School of Design (BVShD)
Alexander Ostrogorsky
Journalist, was educated at the Faculty of Art History of the Russian State University for the Humanities, the subject of the thesis - "Modern Architecture Magazine" and Architectural Theory and Practice of 1920-30s "
Since 2004, he wrote for business publications - the newspaper "Business", the magazine "The Secret Firms", the newspaper "Vedomosti". In 2008-2010 he was on the team of the Russian version of the Italian magazine on design and architecture Interni, was the editor of the section "House" in the newspaper "Vedomosti.Pyatnitsa."
In 2011 he worked as the director of communications at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. In 2011-2012 he worked as an editor in the magazine Afisha.
Michael Shetler
Curator of the preparatory course of the British Higher School of Design for programs of additional professional education. He graduated from the British Higher School of Design and the Faculty of Psychology in Moscow
Yuri Palmin
He started his professional career in 1989. Has been working freelance since 1991. He takes orders from leading Russian and foreign architects. Cooperates with popular and professional publications, including AD Magazine, Vogue, World Architecture (England), RIBA Journal (England), Icon Magazine (England and the USA), Domus (Italy), Abitare (Italy), Speech (Germany - Russia), Project Russia and others. Author of illustrations for books about modern and historical Russian architecture. Participates in art projects in cooperation with famous artists A.Kirtsova, A. Brodsky, V. Yefimov, S. Leontiev. Exhibitions (elected):
1991: Zurich + Moscow, Moscow, Zurich
1995: New Constructivism, Art Manege, Moscow
2000: Instrumenta, Moscow (together with A.Kirtsova)
2001: Museum of Architecture, Moscow, personal
2004: Berlinwallpaper, Krasnoyarsk (together with Vl.Efimov)
2006: Participation in the Venice Biennale of Architecture (with A. Brodsky)
2008: Ornaments, Museum of Architecture, Moscow
2009: Echoes of the Wooden Age, Museum of Architecture, Moscow

2001: Special Award of the Silver Chamber, MDF, Moscow
2002: Arch-Moscow, first place for non-profit project
Yulia Talykova
Graduate of MARCH 2015 MA in Architecture and Urbanism. She worked as an architect in the architectural bureau of Pavel Romanov. In different years the architectural bureaus worked with Zimailo, Lyashenko and partners.
Since 2015 he works in the architectural office WALL.
Anna Kipariss
She is a graduate of the Architectural College of the MCASI, the MARHI and the MA courses.
She worked in the office of SPEECH, and at present she is the leading architect of the WALL office. Together with Ruben Arakelyan and Maria Pokrovskaya, she managed the Professional Skills module of the bachelor's degree MARCH (course 2015-2016).
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Thematic blocks
  • "Choice"

    At the heart of all creativity is the choice: choice of plot, technique, form, material. The architect rarely chooses a place for his project. You will have such an opportunity.
    Lecture: "The Nature of the Portfolio" - Maria Pokrovskaya
    Master class: "Observation and fixation. Sketching - Maria Pokrovskaya.

  • "Study"

    In a good question, you can hear the answer.
    You can also say about the most important stage of the project - research. In a good study, you can see the design solution.
    Therefore, the selection of a place should be followed by studying it and fixing the obtained data with the help of sketches, photographs, drawings, mock-ups, and other professional tools of the architect.
    Lecture: "History of architectural photography" - Yuri Palmin
    Master-class: "Observation and fixation through the photo" - Yuri Palmin

  • "Interpretation"

    Having studied the place, we will be able to comprehend it artistically, to understand its features and express our sensations through a mock-up and a planar image.
    Master class: "Interpretation. Image on the plane" - Maria Pokrovskaya.
    Lecture: "Types of modern architectural models" - Yulia Talykova.
    Master class: "Interpretation. Conceptual layout" - Yulia Talykova.

  • Creating a portfolio

    The portfolio needs a story, a theme, an exciting story.
    Creating your work from the archive of accumulated materials is the task of the fourth block.
    Lecture by Alexander Ostrogorsky.
    Master class: "Interpretation. Text "- Alexander Ostrogorsky.

  • Presentation

    The story needs to be told well, brought to listeners and viewers. In addition to preparing a portfolio for admission to MARCH, you will have to pass an interview. This is the fifth module that completes the course.
    Lecture: "Black Box" - Anna Kozlova.
    Lecture: "Font and Sheet".
    Master class: "Creating a product. Basics of layout in InDesign" - Michael Shetler

  • Video tours are available for the duration of the course

Work by Students
Necessary materials
  • Drawing paper folder A3
  • Sketchbook A4
  • Liners 0.1 / 0.5
  • Brush-pen black and gray
  • Pencils HB, B, 2B, 4B
  • Coal Sonnet or Faber Castell in sticks (3-5 mm)
  • Sepia
  • Camera / Smartphone
  • Markers (if possible)
  • Faber Castell
  • Ink Mascara
  • Brush thin and sharp
  • Gouache
  • Brushes are from sizes 4 to 16 (flat and wide, flutes, bristles or synthetics, possibly construction). Two different for painting and two different d / graphics (mascara)
  • Stationery knife (cutter)
  • Paper scotch (paint)
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15 May — 19 June
  • Mays Arutyunyan
    First-year graduate student at MARCH
    Entering Master's program at MARCH this year I faced a problem - I lacked my business card. The architect's business card is his portfolio. But so many do not even know where to start to make this business card. While studying at Portfolio School, I got the opportunity not only to make an individual portfolio, but also to release my creativity and plunge into the atmosphere of the school, which helped me to enter.
  • Albert Valevsky
    First-year undergraduate student at MARCH
    At the beginning of the course there was a sense of fear and uncertainty, but the environment, constant interaction with gifted, creative people contributed to the transformation of the personality. New vision of reality emerged, as David Lynch would say: I got filled with lots of ideas, and most importantly - the desire to work to improve myself.
  • Daria Fisenko
    First-year undergraduate student at MARCH
    Portfolio School, in my opinion, allows you to sort out yourself and future that awaits us at MARCH. For me it was an unforgettable experience of full immersion in the creative process, lots of interesting meet-ups and a way to look at education process from a completely new angle!
  • Sofia Romanovskaya
    studied the course as a high school sophomore
    The course has given me experience, introduced me to incredible people, it has given confidence that further immersion into architecture is what I want. The day when we studied photography of architecture with Yuri Palmin and two days of working with mock-ups were beautiful days. People I've met were so enthusiastic, different and memorable.
  • Daria Gladunova
    First-year graduate student at MARCH
    Portfolio School is an impulse to understanding your potential, to open it up and to answer to yourself if you really want to be an architect and dedicate your life to this call. Portfolio School is a place of intensive energy and information exchange, due to it I've made the choice and realized this is the place to be.
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