How much does education cost in the whole world?

Famous British newspaper “The Telegraph” says that tuition fee in Great Britain is the most expensive. Because of wage increase and living cost, the price can stand at an outstanding € 25 000 per year.

Average cost in Great Britain

Though applicants can save a lot of money, if they receive a scholarship or choose another country to study in. The cheapest countries for master’s degree are Kenya, Bangladesh, Argentina, Norway and Poland. Even degree from India or Russia can cost you at a fifth of the price of degree in Great Britain. In 2015 annual fees and expenditures for living in India amounted to 4280 € and in Russia – 5250 €.

As a result of increased annual fees from 3000 to 9000 £ (or from 3540 to 10620 €) Great Britain ranked fifth place in the list of the most expensive countries to get DipHE.

Where is the most expensive education?

Nevertheless, there are a few countries where education is even more expensive: Australia, South Korea, Singapore and the USA. In Australia student need to be ready to pay on average 32 176 €) per year. However, it stays favorably for studying due to government investments in international education, students and more accessible tuition fee.

One year in China or France costs about 8300 €), in Brazil – 9500 €) and in New Zealand more than 15 000 €).

The cost of your degree in the USA

How much does it cost to study in college or university in the USA? You can pay from 18 000 to 44 000 €). The price includes tuition fee, residing cost and food expenses. However, you can get a scholarship, it can cover the price full or partly and it is convenient for foreign students. Also loan debts are very common and another sources of financial assistance available for the USA (international bodies, cooperation projects, international relations).

Tuition fee in Asia

As for Asia, because of increasing popularity of the continent for studying, expenditures are very intriguing. Taipei, which is situated on Taiwan, is the homeland for the universities with average tuition fee of 3500 €) per year. In spite of lower cost of living and another education system, the city is trying to show the balance between quality of education and expenders. It is expected that another Asian countries including Singapore, Japan, Malaysia will be more affordable due to increase in foreign students and exchange programs.

In conclusion, tuition fee and quality of education are equally important. Nothing must not be dismissed. Online education system is a great solution, if you are self-organized. Artclever offers online classes designed exclusively by professionals. Each course has a feedback from educator or review for final work (project).

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Famous British newspaper “The Telegraph” says that tuition fee in Great Britain is the most expensive. 

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