Who are infofrauds?

Who are infofrauds? Do we need to believe them? The answer seems to be obvious, but let us discuss how to understand that in front of you are infocrooks.

1.       As a matter of fact, they are not successful

And others are taught to be successful. And now some crooks are teaching others how to twist somebody around one’s little finger, who cannot achieve anything, although they really want to or just they are lazy.
If you want to verify them, ask for evidence of their accomplishments. Link to the real site, an estimate of sales and incomes. They will not show you anything, of course, because it just doesn’t exist. But they fervently prove that they have 20 years of experience and etc. In general, you can make inquiries about that and see that he is a sole proprietor, in which he is the manager and for which he is a partner.

2.       They will you a secret

The secret, the magic algorithm, the formula, when, as if by wave of a magic wand, without losing anything, for some reason you become rich, popular and happy. In short, they will not ask you for a lot of money, they will ask for a little. You will see a magical workshop, half of which consists of an attempt to sell you some unique offer, and of course a lot of bonuses at the same time and there will be no other chance. Here I would like to ask the coach: “Why do not you do all this yourself, since it’s so effective?” There will be no answer. Access to the webinar too. Too smart you are.

3.       Their glass is always half full

After all, he is always sure that everything will work out. Immediately. 200 % gives you. Just lend you a fortune and advise you. And now you already believe in yourself, abandon old friends (because there is nothing to be so unsupporting your ideas) and run towards the dream. You cannot stop because of someone’s reconstructive criticism. By the way, it doesn’t matter what you want. Do you want to sell Chinese iPhones? No problems. Make things right with your family? And it can be. Help with working out? And there your business coach is a specialist! Another warning bell.

4.       They work as a team

Infoswindlers are not fools and they stick together, this completely helps them to develop their “business”, earning on gullible losers. In fact, this is even a family business in many cases. The husband goes with fascinating live, the wife opens unique courses and so on.

5.       Appearance is excellent

An expensive watch, a cool car, a suit, a big smile and all this against the backdrop of the Maldives – the usual photos of your coach. He is successful. It does not matter that his website is just a regular landing and a bunch of mistakes that even a fifth grader will make. The main thing is professional photos on Instagram, with focus on the most important.

6.       Moreover, rhetoric is fine

That is what infofrauds are certainly skilled craftsmen, and one could learn from them in public speaking. They say something and you them believe, almost hypnotizing you. It is a common knowledge that if you say many times something is good and convincing, no matter what, many people will believe you. Here is just such a mechanism.

7.       Waffling

That’s how you describe their answers. There is nothing clear and concrete. It is because these crooks do not want you to think. It is necessary to do, not to think and doubt. Better to visualize, listen to life stories and see how confidently the speaker waves his hands, and then at the end of the workshop you get a drop of useful information.

8.       Someone else’s fame — as a way to gain credibility

Perhaps your coach once said hello to some famous person. Now he will talk about it at any opportunity, the main thing that you understand that he is very cool, because he is in circle of the same cool popular people. Or maybe your business coach is such a professional and tells you that he worked with major bloggers. And then it turns out that only with one and not major. And the blogger was not particularly happy.

9.       Reviews

To convince you, the infocrooks will tell you about the grateful reviews of their students who already earn three times more and, of course, live abroad. In fact, such reviews are very rare, because sometimes smart people achieve something, but not because they watched twenty webinars with an infofraud who was telling something. And simply because they are smart, talented and hardworking. Coach proves you by example of these people that his courses are effective.

10.   Absolutely free for 30$

You see advertisements and hear a lot of screaming phrases about how this business coach has changed his life and will change yours, with his courses he will simply blow your mind and you will not be able to live as before. And then the offer (which looks almost like an order) to go to his profile, watch his free live, and then sign up for online courses … But no specifics. How did you change your life? What exactly did you achieve? How did you get it? What information is in the courses?

Be careful and choose only proven coaches, teachers in order to achieve your goals.

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