About the webinar

March 4 at 12:00 (Moscow time) was the first meeting on the eve of the launch of the course in the Portfolio Review format. Director of MARSh Nikita Tokarev, curator of the course, Maria Pokrovskaya, teacher Michael Shetler and architect Ruben Arakelyan spoke about how to create an individual portfolio with specific examples. Participants received valuable advice in online and offline formats and answers to their questions about the course and training in MARS as a whole.

You can send your portfolio to moscow@artclever.com

About the course

March 17, MARS opens a new course Portfolio School Online, which forms the first step toward the profession of and architect and anywhere in the world to prepare a quality portfolio for admission to the undergraduate program of MARSh.

The course lasts 4 weeks and will include five disciplines: graphics, prototyping, photography, text analysis, graphic design, as well as six lectures, five workshops, four excursions and two webinars

Six teachers-practitioners will work with the participants: Maria Pokrovskaya, Alexander Ostrogorsky, Mikhail Shetler, Yuri Palmin, Anna Kiparis, Yulia Talykova. They will advise, answer questions and assist in finding solutions in an online format for 132 academic hours.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate upon passing the course and an individual portfolio, which will allow him/her to pass an interview in MARSh in the first wave in June.

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